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What Is It -Non surgical face lift HIFU Wellingborough?

Our skilled and trained professionals are ready to answer any questions if you are considering a HIFU therapy,

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-surgical therapeutic technique used by Lipo Freeze 2 U Wellingborough
It is an ideal way to reduce the signs of ageing. This treatment eliminates sagging on the neck and face and removes age-related lines.

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is HIFU Non Surgical
Face lift suitable for you?
HIFU Non surgical face lift

HIFU uses ultrasound therapy to stimulate collagen, a natural anti-ageing agent, which helps reverse the signs of ageing and resulting in a more firm and young-looking skin.

The ultrasound reaches the deep skin layers and changes them in a way that other anti-ageing therapies cannot, with HIFU treatment, we can stimulate the healing mechanisms of your body by concentrating targeted heat to the deep skin tissues.

HIFU Non surgical face lift Wellingborough?

This HIFU face lift Treatment revives your skin, making it appear smoother and more sculpted in the areas surrounding the eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw.

This treatment can also eliminate heavy eyelids and sagging jowls as well as tighten the neck and jaw skin.

The results of this therapy are clinically proven to be painless and require no recovery time since there are no cuts involved. The effects of HIFU non surgical face lift Treatments are immediate, but it can take a little more time for the full results to show up. Click here to find out the prices of a HIFU non surgical face lift Treatment!

The procedure is therefore, ideal for individuals who are self-conscious about their looks and want options for non surgical face lift.

This HIFU non surgical face lift Treatment can be repeated if need be, especially when signs of ageing begin to show up again as you grow older.


A single HIFU non surgical face lift treatment takes about 30 or 90 minutes.

Our trained and experienced professionals will carry out your treatment following your indepth consulation and personalised treatment plan. We do not use anaesthetics in our non surgical face lift, and you can get back to work immediately after the therapy.

The treated area might feel sensitive, tender and appear temporarily reddish for a few weeks, but no risk or infection can occur.

Generally, the procedure is fast, convenient, affordable and most importantly, safe. No potential risks as those experienced in surgical facelifts.

The HIFU non surgical face treatment is also suitable for people aged 30, and above, though people aged 40 to 50 and over 60s are more common.

The results may vary from one individual to another and can be determined by the skin laxity and health of an individual. Our non surgical face lift treatment offers so many amazing benefits.

Our clients experience a noticeable difference to the treatment area. Click here to see the results!

Most of the people we treat usually need specific results and in such a case, you should discuss with our experts the number of treatments you need prior to your session. This way, we will be able to offer you the results you need, as well as give you the correct session quote and payment options.

We handle all inquiries and consultations with confidence, and we treat all our clients with respect and professionalism. We arrange for every need and plan accordingly to suit every client`s needs.

Our skilled and trained professionals, want the best for you and make you happy and satisfied. If you are considering a HIFU non surgical face lift therapy Wellingborough contact our clinic. We shall be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.