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What Is FemiWand Vaginal Treatment Wellingborough

What Causes vaginal looseness?

The suppleness of your vaginal canal can be brought about by a variety of causes.

Known issues that can contribute to this will include:


  • Cigarette smoking
  • Surgery
  • Aging
  • Childbirth
  • Obesity
  • Undergoing a Hysterectomy


A large percentage of the aforementioned activities are those affecting the skin tone.

The good thing with this type of vaginal tightening treatment is that it’s not intrusive in any way.

It’s aesthetic in nature and relies on the use of HIFU to assist in bolstering the state of your vaginal canal.

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Why Should You Consider FemiWand Vaginal Treatment Wellingborough

While the purpose of this treatment is to tighten your vaginal muscles, not all women are considered ideal candidates for this procedure.

A woman who is about to give birth, or who has recently given birth and began to nurse should not undergo this procedure.

Just because the Femiwand treatment Wellingborough is non-intrusive doesn’t mean that it can’t penetrate the SMAS coating.

If still wondering who an ideal candidate for the procedure is, you should note that it’s recommended for women who are past thirty years.

Costs vary from clinic to clinic. It’s upon you to carry out your research before settling on a clinic to handle the procedure.


The good thing about this procedure is that it doesn’t have any downtime. It’s something that you can schedule to have performed during your free time. Once done, it shouldn’t take you any time to resume your personal and professional duties. Additionally, the treatment:

  • Makes use of sophisticate HIFU technology
  • Doesn’t have any recuperation period
  • Takes between twenty and thirty minutes to perform
  • Is easy and non-invasive


HIFU Vaginal Tightening Feminwand Treatment Wellingboroughis also thought of as being ideal for women who don’t want to undergo any kind of surgical treatment.

Preparing for a HIFU vaginal Femiwand Treatment Wellingborough session doesn’t require too much preparation work. However, it’s recommended that you don’t engage in sexual intercourse twenty-four hours before you have it performed.

You will also need to attend a consultation session with our skilled practitioners. The fact that women tend to have different body types calls for the clinician to arrange a holistic treatment approach. This will also be the time to ask any burning questions that may be bothering you about the treatment.

Apart from being a painless procedure, it shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes, half an hour at most to complete it.

No, you don’t have to book time off work. The fact that this procedure doesn’t have any downtime is one of the things that makes it appealing to many women.

You will be able to go right back to work after undergoing a session at your preferred clinic. But as mentioned above, you should wait a minimum of twenty-four hours before having sexual intercourse or resuming your fitness activities.

The HIFU vaginal tightening FemiWand treatment Wellingborough is the perfect alternative to undergoing invasive and surgical surgery.

For many women, they only need to undergo a single treatment session of HIFU vaginal Femiwand Treatment Wellingborough for them to obtain optimal results. But for others, it may be necessary for them to go back to the clinic for between two and three sessions for them to fully benefit.

The additional sessions are meant to help the woman achieve the feel and look they desire. Traditionally, the physician will schedule the treatment sessions in such a way that they get to take place between four and six weeks apart. 

The whole HIFU Vaginal Tightening procedure is completely safe for you. The ultrasound technology in use here is a technology that has already been tried, tested, and proven to work efficiently.

What’s more, is that it has been around for more than five decades. The use of ultrasound cartridge wands instead of relying on invasive surgical needles means that the patient will not experience any downtime or pain.

While HIFU Vaginal Tightening will not have an impact on how you look, it’s a treatment that can greatly impact your quality of life and overall happiness.

The treatment assists by addressing common concerns that can interfere with your intimate relationship and everyday life such as vaginal dryness and vaginal tightness.

Additional benefits of the treatment will include eliminating or reducing urinary stress incontinence, a common issue known to affect women who may be in various life stages.

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As a woman, you should be ready to start experiencing increased pleasure and vaginal sensation after the HIFU Vaginal Tightening treatment. Chances are that vaginal lubrication will also increase, causing you to experience more intense orgasms.

In some cases, you could experience spotting or watery discharge a day after the treatment. But the physician performing the treatment should take you through what to expect before your session can start.

Make sure to make any inquiries you may have during the consultation session.